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The DOOM: Reawakened Wiki is a wikia site for a DOOM II: Hell on Earth mod currently under development. The name of this mod is DOOM: Reawakened, and it is a DOOM mod that follows its own canon in relation to the aftermath of the events of the first two original games.

There are currently over 28 pages, but more are being made.

All pages can be edited, and you are welcome to join us and contribute to this wiki. Everyone is free to create a new page or edit an existing one.


  • December 10, 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the DOOM franchise. If you haven't already, watch this video.
DOOM Eternal - 25 Years of DOOM - PS4

DOOM Eternal - 25 Years of DOOM - PS4

  • As of March 11, 2019, the many fans of DOOM have just witnessed an official trailer to another yet-to-be disappointing film adaptation. It is scheduled to be released in fall 2019 as direct-to-video.
DOOM ANNIHILATION - Official Trailer (2019)

DOOM ANNIHILATION - Official Trailer (2019)


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